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The Happy Pet is a handheld digital pet released in Japan in 2003 by Bandai. ... The three buttons can be used to feed the pet or play games with it. The buttons ...


Due to your requests, we decided not to close your favorite game Happy Pets. The game will remain open and will continue, but will change paid system.


Happy Pets - Play this Free Online Facebook Game which is a facebook game, casual game, browser game, fun game, mmo game, flash game, rpg game, ...


Happy Pets - Happy Pets is a kid's game available on facebook where you can adop a pet and play with it, dress it, keep it happy, feed it, share it with your ...


FAQ : http://happylabs.weebly.com/happy-pet-story-faq.html ───────── ─────── ☆ YOUR PERFECT DREAM TOWN COME TO LIFE ☆


I am invited to a tea party, but I don't want to leave my little pets alone. So could you take care of them? They are very peaceful if you meet their needs.


The pets host will be out, she has to ask you to take care of the cute pets. Choose the right thing and drag it into the right pet. You are the best, do now!

Nov 16, 2009 ... http://www.lemongraphic.net/2009/11/happy-pets-new-released-facebook-game. html CLICK TO PLAY HAPPY PETS JOIN HAPPY PETS FAN ...


Happy Pets is a game where you own, breed, and care for pets. You can buy exotic pets like dragons, dinosaurs and kangaroos, or you can get more common  ...