Plaintiffs Rocco Marini (“Marini”) and Josephine Marini (“Mrs. Marini”) ( collectively, “plaintiffs”) brought this action against Harold Adamo, Jr. (“Adamo”), Lisa ...


Apr 2, 2018 ... ... Josephine, 50, took money from their kids' trust funds to pull together nearly $17 million to buy 86 “rare'' coins from buddy Harold Adamo Jr.


Apr 2, 2018 ... ... to pull together nearly $17 million to buy 86 “rare'' coins from buddy Harold Adamo Jr. — only to learn the pieces were worth a fraction of that.


Oct 3, 2014 ... ... have a bleak view of human nature, might appreciate the tale of Rocco Marini and his friend Harold Adamo Jr., as set forth in Marini v. Adamo ...


Nov 27, 2018 ... Appellant,. – against –. Fairfield University,. Appellee. Marc A. Pergament, as Chapter 7 Trustee of the Estate of. Harold Adamo Jr.,. Appellant,.


Mar 4, 2016 ... 1 See Rocco Marini, Josephine Marini and T & R Knitting Mills, Inc. v. Harold Adamo, Jr., Lisa Adamo, The. Bolton Group, Inc., H. Edward Rare ...


Sep 26, 2011 ... “plaintiffs”) brought this action against defendants Harold Adamo, Jr. (“Adamo”),. Lisa Adamo (“Mrs. Adamo” or “Lisa”), The. Bolton Group, Inc.


Mar 28, 2018 ... of the estate of Harold Adamo, Jr. (the “Debtor”), seeks to recover tuition payments made by the. Debtor to two undergraduate universities and a ...


In Harold Adamo, Jr., Judge Craig denied a chapter 7 trustee's attempt to claw back ... In Mr. Adamo's chapter 7 case, the trustee commenced an adversary ...