Common Cause/Georgia v. Billups. June 5, 2008 ... All legal documents related to the case may be found here. Brennan Center Amicus Brief (1/26/06); Brennan  ...


Common Cause v. Billups. In 2005, the Georgia legislature passed a statute ... which a voter could vote absentee and so allowed all voters to vote absentee, ...


Byrd v. Tri-State Health and Rehabilitation et al. Date: December 14, 2018 ...... Harris v. Quintana Date: July 18, 2018. Docket Number: 5:2018cv00186. Barnett v ...


Case opinion for AL Supreme Court HARRIS v. ... Georgia HARRIS et al. v. ... a/k/ a 'Fat Man,' Tyrone Billups, Willie Brown, a/k/a 'Little J,' Alexious Holliday, a/k/a, ...


Lithonia Harris v. Officer Anthony Tillman ... Alexandre Vasiljevich Sachinski, et al v. U.S. Attorney General ..... USA v. Edlenco Shandar Billups Date: August 16 ...


Nov 12, 2018 ... further seek to have all counties that have not certified their results from the election ... Georgia Coalition for the Peoples'Agenda, Inc. et al v.


EVON BILLUPS, Superintendent of ) ... the City of Rome, Georgia, et al., ... Harris v. Graddick, 593 F. Supp. 128, 135 (M.D. Ala. 1984). Accord, Dillard v.


Jun 27, 2014 ... ful intent to dilute the votes of people of color, Texas v. .... 4 Brischetto et al., “ Texas,” 236-39 has an excellent summary of the white ...... That same year, people allegedly left a Harris County early voting site ...... mon Cause/Georgia v, Billups, against various Georgia county Boards of Elections and then-.


floundering” in this area.2 Michael Kang observes that LULAC v. Perry ..... Harris, No. .... et al., Ballot Formats, Touchscreens, and Undervotes: A Study of the 2006 .... of a poll tax. After the district court's initial ruling in Common Cause v. Billups,.