Jun 16, 2015 ... Healthcare is a prime example of how the three Vs of data, velocity (speed of ..... Tsymbal et al. have designed a clinical decision support system that exploits ..... B. J. Drew, P. Harris, J. K. Zègre-Hemsey et al., “Insights into the problem ..... A. Baum, L. Daniel, and G. B. de Quirós Fernán, “Mongodb: an open ...


1 Present address: Division of Neuropathology, Department of Pathol- et al. 1998 ... 1998a; Harris et al. 1999). ... (2000) identified DSBs in the immunoglobulin V re - method ..... the break, using the numbering system of González-Fernán-.


Bignoniaceae belong in Lamiales ( Olmstead et al., 1993 ;. Angiosperm ..... greater than 0.90, uniting Dolichandrone, Markhamia, Fernan- doa, Heterophragma ..... leaves, reduced vs. elaborated staminodes) make such determi- nations impossible. All the ..... Wortley , A. H. , D. J. Harris , and R. W. Scotland . 2007 . On the.


A/I [153/345 (44.3%)], M36I/L [149/345 (43.2%)], L10I/F/V [82/345 (23.8%)], V77I. [60/345 .... HIV drug resistance surveillance in Brazil Brindeiro et al. 1065 ...


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et al. (1997). Santa Rosa Island fault is off figure to west. Closed teeth denote reverse fault surface trace; open teeth on dashed lines ... LB—Long Beach; NB— Newport Beach; Ox—Oxnard; P—Pasadena; V— ...... Harris, R.A., and Day, S.M., 1993, Dynamics of fault in- ... locities and accelerations from the 1971 San Fernan-.


Nov 12, 2015 ... term climate oscillations (Harris et al. 2013) and/or climate change (Moreno et al. 1998,. 2013, Moreira et al. 2011, Pausas & Fernán-.


law); William A. Klein et al., Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency,. Partnerships, LLCs .... 10 See Unocal Corp. v. ... 12 Blasius Industries, Inc. v. ... 13 See Revlon, Inc. v. ...... See, Fernan Restrepo, Judicial Deference, Procedural Protections, and ...... Law, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford.


May 7, 2012 ... In virtually all cases of adult hypertension, systemic vascular .... Recently Wenzel et al. employed an elegant approach to deplete ...... Ward, N. C., Wu, J. H., Clarke , M. W., Puddey, I. B., Burke, V., Croft, ... Mariam El Assar De La Fuente, Javier Angulo Frutos, Susana Vallejo Fernán, Concepción Peiró Vallejo, ...