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HARVARD LAW REVIEW. [Vol. 129:1267. The airline industry is not the only industry plagued by such hori- zontal shareholdings. Consider the following figures from 2013 to. 2014. In the banking industry, the top four shareholders of JPMorgan. Chase (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and Fidelity) were also the top four ...


The Harvard Law & Policy Review (HLPR) serves as the official journal of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and is published twice a year under the direction of Harvard Law students.The review invites innovative approaches to policy challenges by providing a credible and prominent forum for  ...


Articles. 447, Prolegomenon on Pornography, Gerard V. Bradley. 499, Pornography, the Rule of Law, and Constitutional Mythology, David L. Tubbs & Jacqueline S. Smith. 553, The Indecency and Injustice of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Mary Graw Leary ...


Feb 28, 2017 ... ImeIme Umana is the first African-American to lead a journal that has the largest reach of any law journal in the world.


Feb 28, 2017 ... The prestigious Harvard Law Review has elected its first black woman president in its 130-year history. ImeIme Umana, 24, a daughter of Nigerian immigrants, has been voted president by the Law Review's 92 student editors.


Jan 6, 2017 ... Which is why, when the Harvard Law Review published this week “The President's Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform” by Barack Obama — the first time a sitting president has written for the esteemed legal publication — it seemed as though this, too, might be a part of that concerted campaign to ...


Jan 30, 2017 ... ImeIme Umana has been elected president of the Harvard Law Review. She will be the first black woman to hold the position. Umana, who graduated from Harvard College in 2014, expects to receive her Harvard law degree in 2018, according to her LinkedIn profile. She focused on government and ...


Harvard Law Review. ... hat the individual shall have full protection in person and in property is a principle as old as the common law; but it has been found necessary from time to time to define ... Thus, in very early times, the law gave a remedy only for physical interference with life and property, for trespasses vi et armis.


Oct 17, 2017 ... Professor Ingrid Eagly, Faculty Director of the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy, wrote a post for the newly launched Harvard Law Review Blog on reforming criminal justice in an era of mass deportation.