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Locality-sensitive hashing (LSH) reduces the dimensionality of high-dimensional data. .... A locality-preserving hashing is a hash function f that maps a point or points in ... between of the output hash values; input values that are closer to each other .... Define the function family H to be the set of all such functions and let D be ...


Technique in Closed Hash Searching Process. To cite this article: Robbi Rahim et al 2017 J. Phys. .... be done sequentially or using the new Hash function.


GRAEFE et al.: SORT VS. HASH REVISITED. 935. Fig. 1. Naive merging. Fig. 2. ..... port a simple open-next-close protocol similar to conventional file scans.


Sep 17, 2015 ... data distributions or class labels when optimizing the hash codes or functions. ..... order to improve precision as well as recall, Xu et al., de- veloped multiple ..... similar or closer to a query point q than the point xэ, as demon-.


Hash-routing is a well-known technique used in server-cluster environments to ... V. Sourlas et al. ..... The closed form formula in [48] can only be used in the ex-.


sands of users collectively label emails as spam or not- spam, and each user ... the bias inherent in the hash kernel of (Shi et al., 2009). In a multi-task setting, we  ...


hash function generated at random (Majewski et al., ... neural networks) or to reduce the model size directly ..... for bigrams are close to their expected values.


Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is ... concurrent open addressing [15] and closed addressing [20] hash .... hash table of Fan et al. supports concurrent access by multiple read-.


that can be used to decrease or eliminate the occurrence of hot spots in the network. .... Like Chankhunthod et al., we use a tree of caches to coalesce re- quests. ...... are browsers that are not close to any cache, and where there are clusters in ...