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Mar 13, 2012 ... Nothing will right the wrong of your boyfriend cheating on you. Not a stack of classic chick flicks. Not a pint of Ben & Jerry's.


Feb 2, 2017 ... So you found out he cheated? Here's what to do after discovering your man has been unfaithful.


Aug 25, 2016 ... This isn't going to be easy, but no one ever said marriage was. He cheated and now you know the truth. What are you going to do? You wanted ...


Mar 19, 2011 ... While your knee-jerk reaction is probably to send a cheater packing, Cosmo's experts say there are some situations in which he just might ...


Jul 8, 2014 ... Now, onto this week's topic: What to do when someone cheats on you ... That being said, the fact that he cheated doesn't give you the right to ...


Sep 12, 2016 ... But unfortunately people cheat all the time, and if it happens to you, you're faced with an immediate decision: What can you do right now? .... wiser should you get in another relationship — or even stay in that one," he says.


May 8, 2017 ... The day I found out my husband had cheated on me was a very ordinary one. ... Damien had texted me that night from Dallas to say he was turning in early .... lose a few pounds—but I had always felt loved as I was until now.


My boyfriend cheated on me and from my understanding he wod cheat on me with .... Now i know he loves me soo much and i love him so much mind you we ...


However, he cheated on me recently and I'm confused as to why. ... Or maybe they “thought they were sure, but now… they're not sure or even doubting their ...