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iPhone Headphone Wiring
Apple's iPhone is a cell phone that is also used as an MP3 player and hand-held gaming console. The device comes with a speaker so that any music or sound effects from the phone are heard by the user. However, you can also hook headphones up to the... More »
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What is the accessory cable wiring on the BRH headphones?


Apr 30, 2013 ... Headphone wires ievitably work themselves into a stubborn, knotty mess. Yet there is hope.


My cat loves to chew these wires and I'm having a hard time locating a business that does this. Helps!


Nonetheless, you should replace the wire (if possible) or replace the headphones, if they are hard-wired. Bare wires, regardless of voltage, can spark. Sparks are a source of ignition - in other words, they could, potentially, start a fire. While the voltage from the headphones is not particularly hazardous, a fire caused by them ...


Jan 16, 2017 ... Which is what led me to receiving Brainwavz' disturbing specific instructions: “Cut up your earphones into many pieces,” their customer rep told me. “Please cut the main wire in 4 different places at the very least, it is not sufficient to only cut the wire once or twice. If the wire is not cut up in 4 different places ...


I recently made a stereo to mono cable using a few resistors as detailed in another thread on this board and it works a treat. It goes to an ART DTI (that Hugh made me buy) and off to a little amp (in bridged mode) for my mono grot box. Now.... I would like to take a stereo feed from my laptop, convert to mono ...


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Compatible headphone wiring is required to allow the CTX 3030's electronics detect the presence of the headphones and automatically mute the internal speaker. Therefore, headphones that do not have compatible wiring will not be detected by the. CTX 3030's electronics. This may result in either the speaker not muting ...


Enjoy using your headphones with the freedom of movement when used together with Sony's high-quality headphone extension cables.