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Jun 23, 2014 ... Like us and have a pile of broken earbuds and headphones? Learn the easy way to fix your broken headphone cable. You can go fancy connector-wise, but a simpl... ... There was this white fiber type thing inside with the different wires. This video has inspired me to attempt to repair it once more!.


Test the cable. Wear the headphones and turn on audio. Bend the cable 90 degrees across the top of your thumb and run it along the length of the cable. When the sound crackles or cuts in and out, you have found the problem. If the problem is near the plug, see Fixing the Plug for repair ...


If your headphones don't work and you know its not near the jack, the fix is easy... no more than 10 minutes if you know what you're doing. Mine took a little longer since I was working on my friend's headphones at the time and they are fairly complicated. The headphones used in this instructable are cheap pieces of junk  ...


How to Repair a Frayed Headphone Cable: In this guide you will learn how to repair a frayed headphone cable.


Jan 26, 2016 ... These problems indicate that you might need to repair the plug. So the first step ... If you still hear a problem, then the issue is likely with the jack on your device and not your headphones. .... Note: Solder is applied to the ends of the wires whether they are coated in enamel or covered with rubber insulation.


Apr 12, 2017 ... How to repair a broken pair of headphones when the cable breaks. How to shorten and reconnect the cables to restore the sound.


Apr 20, 2011 ... I think you'll agree, headphone cables break more often than we'd like. These tiny pieces of plastic, rubber and copper put up with a lot of stress, especially when used in conjunction with portable media players and during daily commutes. Walking down the street, twisting and curling the cable, seeking that ...


In my experience, with really thin wires it too strongly damages the wire or litz material. Same for scratching the enamel off with a sharp knife. The traditional method is a microtorch or microblower (as you use it to repair PCBs with SMD components) or, if you don't have that, a cigarette lighter, as Arindam Pal writes.


May 24, 2009 ... I may use this blog to post mainly iPhone or software related articles, but I am an electrical engineering student, and as an EE, I love me some good, clean hardware. Therefore, when my favorite pair of earbuds kicked the bucket the other day, my first thought went to the in-box iPhone headset and, more ...