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The 5 Senses Program is a very simple application of neuroplasticity and the ability to train your brain into particular default habits. The process is not ...


The Five Senses · Brush Chart · Good for Teeth · What's the Matter? Loud/Soft Sounds Color / B&W. How Things Taste Color / B&W · Parts of the Head.


Nov 4, 2015 ... Develop the science of data synthesis to join up the myriad varieties of health information, insist Julian H. Elliott, Jeremy Grimshaw and ...


Your skin gives you the sense of touch through the myriad nerve endings all ... Touch has been shown to play a crucial role in physical and emotional health.


Here we demonstrate that mice upon conditional ablation of mature olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) are resistant to diet-induced obesity accompanied by ...


Medical Doctor, Hospital or Facility - Search primary care providers (PCPs), specialists ... Well Sense has partnered with Beacon Health Strategies to provide  ...


perspective that addresses the entanglements of human senses with digital ... engagements with digital health technologies may involve different sensory.


Rewards for healthy habits. Our popular Health Sense discount lets you reward clients for taking care of their health, with up to 15% off their lump sum premiums.