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Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental, psychological and social changes with environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health in its broader sense in ...


Define health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially : freedom from physical disease or pain — health in a sentence.


Health definition, the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health. See more.


Definition of health: As defined by World Health Organization (WHO), it is a State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the ...


The Constitution of the World Health Organization, which came into force on April 7, 1948, defined health “as a state of complete physical, mental and social ...


Health definition: A person's health is the condition of their body and the extent to which it is free from... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


health definition, meaning, what is health: the condition of the body and the degree to which it is free from illness, or the state…. Learn more.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not ... The bibliographic citation for this definition is: Preamble to the Constitution of WHO ...


The definition of health is physical and mental wellness or a condition of well- being. An example of health is what is checked during a physical. An example of  ...