Public health nursing, a term coined by Lillian Wald of the Henry Street Settlement, or community health nursing, is a nursing specialty focused on public health.


Welcome to the Association of Public Health Nurses (APHN). We are public health nurses (PHN) working across the 50 states and the US territories to promote ...


Instead of waiting for patients to come to the hospital with an illness, public health nurses go into communities to promote health and prevent disease.


Public health nurses (PHNs) work less with individuals and more with entire communities. Their role is to make sure that the overall health of the community that ...


ANA supports public health nursing in a variety of ways, from policy, advocacy, and education to facilitating the revision of public health nursing's scope and ...


Consider choosing a community health nurse career. This position will enable you to bring about change and prevent community health issues.


The Public Health Nursing Section advances this specialty through leadership in the development of public health nursing practice and research. The Section ...


Learn more about public health nursing careers and necessary education requirements.


Public health nursing is a very important aspect of health care. Public health nurses provide care for individuals who may not be able to obtain healthcare ...