Allied health professions are health care professions distinct from nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. They work in health care teams to make the health care  ...


Healthcare practitioners are commonly grouped into health professions. Within each field of expertise, ...


The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions defines allied health as the segment of the health care field “that delivers services involving the ...


Student health careers information and interactive tools for exploring health career paths, and ... is a collaboration between today's health professionals and


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One role of health professions advisors is to stay informed about the various professions available to students interested in a health career, and to share that ...


Virginia Department of Health Professions - Licensing health care providers and enforcing standards governing their practice.


High School for Health Professions & Human Services serves grades nine through twelve in Manhattan, NY.


If you're interested in pursuing a health care career, Tidewater Community ... Health Professions programs have additional admission requirements, which are  ...