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May 17, 2011 ... The Heegaard Floer groups can be decomposed along Spinc- structures .... 17, h ∂~y;~y0i is a count of curves that are asymptotic to ~y as s → −∞ and to ~y0 as s → ∞, whereas our asymptotics are reversed. Colin et al. ..... Colin V, Ghiggini P, Honda K (2010) Embedded contact homology and open book.


are the hat versions of Heegaard Floer homology and ECH, respectively; their definitions will be reviewed shortly. Also -M is .... also has an interpretation as a sutured ECH group by the work of Colin et al. (20). ..... (2010) Embedded contact homology and Seiberg–Witten Floer cohomology I–V. Geom Topol 14:2497– 3000.


It is possible that the amalgamation of two unstabilized Heegaard splittings can be destabilized many times simultane- ously, see [7] and [14]. ... Y. Zou et al. / Topology and its Applications 160 (2013) 406–411. Fig. 2. Construction of V ∗ from V . Lemma 2.1. F − int D is incompressible in W ∗. Proof. By the construction, W ...


Aug 9, 2006 ... in manifolds with cylindrical ends, proved by Bourgeois et al in [2]. I also borrow from ... and Cβ = β × {0} × R. We will obtain Heegaard Floer homology by constructing a boundary map counting ..... field v on all of Y. The vector field v reduces the structure group of TY from SO(3) to. SO(2)⊕SO(1). ∼.


Most significantly, Minsky et al. [3] have used ... can cause no confusion, we will not distinguish between an essential simple closed curve ... (F). } . 2.2. Heegaard splittings. Recall that a compression-body is a three-manifold V obtained as follows: choose a closed connected orientable surface H which is not a two- sphere.


For example, Y. Minsky et.al. have used the curve ... “moduli space” such as the pants complex or Teichmuller space does not work. We thank .... V = (F×[π, 2π]\B) ∪ A and. W = (F×[0,π]\A) ∪ B. Then H = ∂V = ∂W is the standard Heegaard splitting of M(ϕ). Note that the genus of the standard splitting is 2g(F) + 1. Finally, the.


Dec 13, 2006 ... The material did not include our previous series of 55 conjunctival papillomas. ... Histopathological examination of the HPV 45‐positive conjunctival papilloma in this study did not disclose any signs of dysplasia. ... Sjo N C, Heegaard S, Prause J U. et al Human papillomavirus in conjunctival papilloma.


Jul 2, 2013 ... Citation: Heegaard PMH, Miller I, Sorensen NS, Soerensen KE, Skovgaard K ( 2013) Pig α1-Acid Glycoprotein: Characterization and First Description in ... Yang et al. [31] also using proteomics identified a basic isoform of pig AGP to be down- regulated in serum during experimental infection of piglets with ...


d'Heegaard Floer et aux invariants qui proviennent d'une structure de contact. .... This symmetry al- lows us to describe the manifold's diffeomorphism type by a small amount of data. Heegaard diagrams are omnipresent in low-dimensional topology. Unfortunately there is ...... complex structures will be denoted by J (j, η, V ).