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Sep 28, 2015 ... On March 23, 2013, Napolitano required 911 Operators to direct all FMLA leave requests to the NYPD Disciplinary Unit's dedicated FMLA number, .... Kern v. City of Rochester, 93 F.3d 38 , 44 (2d Cir.1996) (internal quotation marks omitted). Liability of a municipal defendant or an individual sued in his ...


The Defendants, Rochester City Council (Defendants), rezoned a single lot that was low-density, single family zoned to make it high-density residential zoned, in order to permit the building of 49 unit condominium building. Plaintiffs, a neighborhood association and individuals (Plaintiffs), attempted to obtain injunctive relief.


A Colorado statute makes it unlawful for any person within 100 feet of a health care facility's entrance to "knowingly approach" within 8 feet of another person, without that person's consent, in order to pass "a leaflet or handbill to, display a sign to, or engage in oral protest, education, or counseling with [that] person...." Leila ...


Jan 16, 2014 ... THOMAS E. STUBBS, Appellant,. v. CITY OF THE ROCHESTER, Respondent. Municipal corporations — negligence — typhoid fever alleged to have been caused by drinking contaminated water — when evidence in action to recover therefor sufficient to warrant submission to jury — improper dismissal of ...


Regents of the University of Minnesota v. Gilead Sciences, Inc. DO NOT DOCKET . CASE HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED OUT. Date: October 20, 2017. Docket Number: 0:2016cv02915. Forest Lake Facilities LLC et al v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.. Date: October 19, 2017. Docket Number: 0:2017cv01766. Hill v. McDermott


Oct 6, 2014 ... RW Farms, LLC, et al., Defendants, and Granite Re, Inc., intervening defendant, Respondent, and Thomas Payne, third party plaintiff, Appellant, vs. Russell W. ... vs. Michael John Hill, Appellant. A13-665 .... vs. B & F Properties, LLC, et al., Appellants, City of Rochester, et al., Respondents Below. A13-562 ...


City of Rochester (Civil Action No. 03-138-JD), dated June 30, 2003, dismissing Blaisdell's complaint, is set forth in the Appendix hereto(App. 3-8). The unpublished Order of the United States District Court for District of New Hampshire in George Blaisdell v. City of Rochester, New Hampshire et al. (Civil Action No. 97-82-M) ...


Alonzo v. Creole Restaurant, et al. Download Pdf Alvarado v. NYS SUNY College at Oswego Download Pdf Amaobi v. City of New York, Human Resources Administration Download Pdf Ambrosini v. ... Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority Download Pdf Berry v. ... Eldridge v. Hill Electric Supply Co., Inc.


Sep 13, 2016 ... “Speak Now . . .” 3. 8.4. Homoky v. Ogden. 35th Annual Civil Service Conference – September 2016. Due Process & the “List”. 4. 8.2. Ganter v. City of Rochester. 15.8. Ames v. Pierce County ..... In re Dep't of Homeland Security, AFGE, et al., FMCS Case. No. 1400310/01508-3 (July 1, 2015) .