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time and place of recapture of tuna tagged with conventional dart tags. Such models are the continuous analogs ... by the species of interest (Hinton and Nakano, 1996; Hampton et al.,. 1998). It remains to be seen .... west (ϵx) dimensions were calculated from the parameters u and v using the relationships in equation (1.1).


Dec 22, 2016 ... Citation: Hinton AO Jr, Yang Y, Quick AP, Xu P, Reddy CL, Yan X, et al. (2016) SRC-1 Regulates Blood Pressure and ..... function or in the E/A ratio (Fig 6D). PWVff was higher in the female SRC-1-KO mice compared to the female WT mice but the differences were not significant (421±17 vs. 388±5 cm/s).


Nov 22, 2017 ... Abadi M et al 2015 TensorFlow: large-scale machine learning on heterogeneous systems OSDI'16 Proc. of the 12th USENIX Conf. on Operating Systems Design .... Nair V and Hinton G E 2010 Rectified linear units improve restricted boltzmann machines Proc. of the 27th Int. Conf. on Machine Learning ed J ...


compare with Arvin Maskin et al., Medical Monitoring: A Viable Remedy for Deserving Plaintiffs .... 849 (Ky. 2002); Hinton v. Monsanto Co., 813 So. 2d 827 ( Ala. 2001). Federal cases refusing to recognize medical monitoring claims include: Thompson v. Am. Tobacco Co., 189 F.R.D. 544. (D. Minn. .... Dart Indus., Inc., 29 Cal.


Both ITS, i.e. the fixed and structured integration and weighing of relevant information to support the final decision (Ahlers et al., 2008; Hartung et al., 2013a ,b), and STS, i.e. the fixed stepwise .... Toxicophores/alerts e.g. EPA ER binding expert system as encoded in the OECD QSAR Toolbox, DART system (Wu et al., 2013).


Gratwicke, B. et al. 2016. Evaluating the probability of avoiding disease-related extinctions of Panamanian amphibians through captive breeding programs. Animal ... Brannelly, L. A., T. A. McMahon, M. Hinton, D. Lenger, and C. L. Richards-Zawacki. 2015. ... Arch, V. S., C. L. Richards-Zawacki, and A. S. Feng. 2011. Acoustic ...


equivalent to 13Б2% (w/v) phenol, and a mixed pasture honey with hydrogen peroxide activity equivalent to 14Б8%. (w/v) phenol were used in this study ( Cooper et al. 1999). These natural honeys were kindly provided by Dr P. Molan, University of Waikato, New Zealand. Arti®cial honey (100 g) was prepared by dissolving ...


able yield (MSY) in the Pacific Ocean (Hinton et al., 2005;. Kolody et al. ... Takahashi et al. (2003) tracked a single swordfish carrying an archival tag for more than 11 months and described a cyclic migration pattern off the east coast of Japan. Dewar and ... Two types of dart were assayed: stainless steel and medical-grade.


V l ) } where Q = eB /mc. This is the equation used by Rosenbluth et al o o' in their calculation for the banana regime. However, Eq. (9) is more convenient to evaluate in the intermediate and collision dominated regimes. The general procedure is to solve Eqs. (6) and (7) for f^ and fg, then evaluate the integral on the right ...