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Do you know the history of the candy bar? Read these fun facts about your favorite chocolate bars. The hottest food and wine advice from LifeScript.com.

Jul 4, 2008 ... Candy Bars Are The Focus Of This Presentation. You Will Find Information On Chocolate, Hershey, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way And Three Musketeers.


No other candy can match the creamy taste of candy corn, a sweet Halloween favorite for more than a century. Read the history of the Halloween treat, fun candy corn facts, and ways to use the popular candy as decoration rather than just as a low-calorie snack. Plus, try our simple candy corn drink recipe that's sweet and ...


Mar 26, 2013 ... A candy historian traces the history behind classic Easter candies, from Cadbury Crème Eggs to jelly beans.


Oct 31, 2003 ... Nowadays, most of us regard candy as a guilty pleasure, but during the Great Depression, sugary confections were marketed as healthy and inexpensive meals. That's just one of the interesting tidbits author Beth Kimmerle shares in her new book, Candy: The Sweet History. NPR's Michele Norris talks with ...


In Sweets, Tim Richardson takes us on a magical confectionery tour, letting his personal passion fuel the narrative of candy's rich and unusual history. Beginning with a description of the biology of sweetness itself, Richardson navigates the ancient history of sweets, the incredible range and diversity of candies worldwide , ...


Have you ever wondered how they make candy corn? How about its history? Learn everything you could ever want to know about this iconic treat.


Oct 30, 2013 ... The National Confectioners Association celebrates National Candy Corn Day on October 30, a time to honor the annual production of 9 billion pieces of candy that most people probably only eat once a year (unless you're a diehard fan who buys 10-pound red-white-and-green ones for Christmas or red-w...


The History of Candy Canes and what they mean and represent in the customs of Christmas.