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Oct 31, 2013 ... Chicago earned the distinction of candy capital by the early 1900s. According to a special web exhibit from the University of Chicago, the National Confectionery Association got its start in Chicago in 1884 and, ‚Äúrepresenting 69 candy companies, they helped advance candy making standards and promoted ...


Oct 27, 2013 ... In Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure, Samira Kawash plots out the history of candy in America and our complex, ever-changing attitudes toward all things sweet. Kawash, a professor emerita at Rutgers University and the creator of the Candy Professor blog, tells NPR's Rachel Martin that candy, which ...


Oct 25, 2012 ... A history of candy from 1880s to today, in time for Halloween.


Dec 22, 2015 ... But what about the candy cane's iconic flavor? No one knows who first came us with the idea of combining peppermint with sugar to make peppermint candy. Peppermint has a long history as a cure for digestive upsets, dating back to ancient Egypt where it's mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus (1550 BCE) as ...


Candy. African American Sweets (15). Christmas Candy (7). Lunch Lovers (1). Mint (8). Sweet n' Sassy (13). Take-A-Break (5). Valentine's Day (19). Chocolate ( 46). Caramel (5) ... Hot n' Spicy Candy (11). Retro & Penny Candy (92). Toffee & Taffy (9). First Candy in History (27). 1500s to 1700s (35). 1800s (63). 1900s (110 ) ...


Feb 12, 2013 ... A look at Valentine's Day history shows that sweets as gifts are a relatively modern tradition.


The Christmas season means carols on the radio, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and those little candy canes absolutely everywhere. It's hard to escape the red-and-white striped treats that are handed out everywhere from the bank to the grocery story to Santaland where elves hand them to your eager kids.


The History of Candy Canes and what they mean and represent in the customs of Christmas.


Love it or hate it, everybody knows what Candy Corn is! This sugary sweet orange-white-and-yellow candy is usually associated with Halloween, and consumed by millions of people each year around the holiday. Ever wonder where it came from or why it's so popular? Read on for a brief history of everyone's favorite (or ...