The foundation of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, dates to 1721, at the site of a bâton rouge or "red stick" Muscogee boundary marker. It became the state capital of ...


Baton Rouge is the capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana and its second-largest city. Located on the eastern bank of the ...


A Brief History. Several flags have flown over Baton Rouge since its founding: Confederate States of America; England; France; Louisiana. Spain; United States  ...


Jan 14, 2017 ... Baton Rouge turns 200 years old in 2017; bicentennial mascot unveiled ... 1981 book "River Capital: an Illustrated History of Baton Rouge.".


Baton Rouge: History: The South. ... The second largest city in Louisiana, Baton Rouge was established as a military post by the French in 1719. The present ...


Baton Rouge is a port situated at the head of deepwater navigation on the Mississippi ... Baton Rouge, city, capital of Louisiana, U.S., and seat (1811) of East Baton ... miles (2,144,520 square km), it was the greatest land bargain in U.S. history.


Baton Rouge's history is diverse. Discover downtown Baton Rouge museums, galleries, attractions and markets.


With a prime, central locations—just an hour away from New Orleans & Lafayette —Baton Rouge is the perfect city to explore the eclectic culture of this amazing ...


Inside Baton Rouge: Background - Before you visit Baton Rouge, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and ... City History: How Baton Rouge got it's name and more.