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The earliest account of major services being catered in the United States is a 1778 ball in Philadelphia catered by Caesar Cranshell to celebrate the departure of British General William Howe. Catering business began to form around 1820, centering in Philadelphia. Catering being a ...


Nov 4, 2013 ... A Brief History of Catering. Catering is ... The ancients Greeks are credited with making catering a trade by offering free services at their inns and hostels which continued into the Roman Empire. ... But much of the industry was still primarily seen in feasts and celebrations for kings and other noblemen.


The catering industry in the U.S. has its roots in the post-World War II era. Learn more fun facts about the catering business, and the opportunities it offers today.


History of catering. Food Gurus Contemporary Catering Company is a Tauranga based event food and service provider operating in the greater Bay of Plenty area . Food Gurus is owned and operated by Chef Evan Lattié and Accountant Rachel Hogg, who have a team of trained service staff and several contract chefs.


Brief History. One World Catering is the newest company under the One World Enterprises business umbrella owned by Jeff Mease and Lennie Busch. Jeff and Lennie started their first business in 1982 when they opened the doors of what is now known as Pizza X in the Crosstown Plaza on East 10th street. Since 1982 ...


Catering companies now pride themselves on not only providing appetizing food but also a visually appealing atmosphere, from the presentation of food to linens and decorations. Although the intent of catering has changed throughout the years, it continues to be a vital part of our society. Progress of Catering and Banquet.


Our History. ••••••••••. In 1961, Jay and Eleanor Mastroianni started a small catering business in a converted car wash with the conviction that catering should be available ... That same year, Jay's integrated eco-friendly Sprinter vans for corporate catering, a Cardboard Bailer, and environmentally sound service- ware as well.


May 30, 2014 ... This document is related to history of catering activities in aviation. It is prepared by Mehmet Kır.


Jan 21, 2010 ... The history of catering and fine cooking trades dates back in the 4th millennium BC. It all started in China but the culture of grand eating and drinking was already important during the prosperous years in old Egypt. However, the catering trade only emerged from the commonly practiced hospitality, which ...