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In 1871 Congress added a rider to the Indian Appropriations Act ending United States recognition of additional Native American tribes or independent nations, and prohibiting additional treaties. That hereafter no Indian nation or tribe within the territory of the United States ...


Find out more about the history of Native American Cultures, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts ... In 1830, the federal Indian Removal Act compelled the relocation of what remained of the Five Civilized Tribes so that white settlers could have their land. Between 1830 ...


From the present-day region of the mid-western United States to southern Peru in South America, centers of government were marked by enormous mounds of earth. Most of these mounds were flat on top, with palaces and temples built on them. Some were burial sites of honored leaders. American Indian cities were as big ...


The outstanding characteristic of North American Indian languages is their diversity—at contact Northern America was home to more than 50 language families comprising between 300 and 500 languages. At the same moment in history, western Europe had only 2 language families (Indo-European and Uralic) and ...


The Native American Indians are an important part of the culture of the United States.


They had gradually migrated across the land and southward into Mexico and beyond. The name “Indian” was given them by Christopher Columbus who mistakenly believed he had landed in the Indies. They have been labeled Indians , American Indians, and the now preferred Native Americans. They migrated to all regions ...


Jul 14, 2017 ... Do history books written by white folks tell the truth about Native Americans? We think not. Here are just some of the lies they tell.


The story of the American Indians is one of bravery and sorrow. Come explore facts about Native American Indians including their history and traditions. This information covers many tribes from the various Indian regions of North America.


Kids learn about the history of Native American Indians in the United States. Educational articles for teachers, students, and schools including Native American daily life, homes, art, food, clothing, people, social structure, religion, and tribes.