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Jun 1, 2004 ... Scientists have long been puzzled by pathological hoarding, which afflicts up to 40 percent of the seven million to eight million Americans with obsessive compulsive disorder. As a group, studies show, excessive hoarders, who fill their houses with accumulations of junk, usually newspapers, bags of old ...


Call 412-824-8400 to cleanup a hoarding situation. Hoarding needs to be dealt with compassion, patience and respect. Wet2Dry Solutions understands this sensitive and extreme cleanup situation. In addition our services include Clutter Cleanup, Junk Removal, Estate Cleanup and Downsizing Services.


Welcome to San Francisco Hoarding Cleanup. We are the No.1 choice for all your cleanup needs. We tend to different cleanup requirements such as hoarding cleanup, junk removal, crime scene restoration, estate cleaning, homeless cleanup, and many others. We are a full service cleanup organization that provides ...


Jun 14, 2012 ... Some health experts say getting rid of junk can be genuinely refreshing. A newly cleaned room feels peaceful and spacious — not to mention fully functional, now that the 15-year-old treadmill-turned-clothes-rack has been trashed. But clearing clutter is a lot easier said than done. There are lots of excuses ...


Hoarding Disorder and Junk Removal Company. 1855USTRASH providing professional hoarder cleanup services. Call for A Free Estimates 1-855-878-7274 .


Samuels, associate professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is the go-to guy nationwide for researchers seeking to understand the biological basis of hoarding — an intense, irrational drive to collect items in vast quantities, coupled with an inability to discard objects that are worthless or ...


Maryland Junk Removal provides full-service junk removal services for hoarding cases, clutter, gross filth and OCD hoarder cleanup. We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for the hoarder, their family, and friends. Our professional, friendly, courteous and non-judgmental crew are trained in this area and will ...


Welcome to Hoarders Express! We are here to help organize, remove, clean, and donate unwanted items. We are a community based organization and guarantee that we will go above and beyond to help you in your time of need. At Hoarders Express we can handle entire homes and/or businesses to garages and attics.


Jan 7, 2015 ... For those in poverty, excessively stockpiling possessions can act as a link to a more prosperous past or insurance for a difficult future.