Holt SH(1), Brand Miller JC, Petocz P. ... design was used such that within each food category each subject consumed all of the test foods in random order.


The four remaining isolates were negative for all determinants investigated. ..... Among these isolates, lnu(B) and lsa(E) were carried on a 75.5 kb mobile element, containing genes from two ..... Da Cunha V, Davies MR, Douarre PE, et al. ..... Inouye M, Dashnow H, Raven LA, Schultz MB, Pope BJ, Tomita T, Zobel J, Holt KE.


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Oct 9, 2016 ... lems and mortality (e.g. Hawkley & Cacioppo, 2010; Holt-. Lunstad, Smith, Baker .... the LNU sample (see Lennartsson et al., 2014). In this study ...


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The names aac(3)-IIf and arr6 have been proposed here, while lnu(F)1 and ...... pAKU_1, AM412236, HI1, 212 711, S. Paratyphi, Human, Pakistan, 2002, Holt et al. ...... V. (. 2009. ) Mobile antibiotic resistance encoding elements promote their  ...


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