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Oct 4, 2004 ... 03-1621 HOLTON, DARYL K. V. TENNESSEE 03-1623 HAUGEN, JAMES L. V. HENRY COUNTY, GA, ET AL. 03-1624 HELDT, LINDA-ANN V.


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Apr 18, 2017 ... processes in order to facilitate disease development (Torun˜o et al. 2016). ...... Holton, N., Nekrasov, V., Ronald, P. C., and Zipfel, C. 2015. The .... Whitham, S. A. , Korkin, D., Mitchum, M. G., and Meksem, K. 2012. A soybean ...


John Doe, I, Jennette Bennett-seacrest, et al., Plaintiffs-appellees, v. ..... Shernika Holton, Spencer Wilson, et al., Plaintiffs-appellants, Cross-appellees, v. ...... Billy Mitchem, Warden, Attorney General for the State of Alabama, Respondents- ...


Aug 7, 2018 ... trimers bind bnAbs and are antigenically native (Binley et al.,. 2000; Sanders et al ., ... quencies of V region clonotypes or families and those of the ...... Robinson, J.E., Holton, D., Pacheco-Morell, S., Liu, J., and McMurdo, H. (1990). .... Wrin, T., Simek, M.D., Fling, S., Mitcham, J.L., et al.; Protocol G Principal.


Dec 11, 2012 ... All plant pathogens and parasites have had to develop strategies to overcome cell ... parasitic nematodes establishing feeding sites (Gheysen and Mitchum, 2011). ... influenced by a wide range of environmental factors (De Cnodder et al., 2006), ..... Escudero V., Miedes E., Fernandez P. V., Jorda L., et al.


Mar 7, 2017 ... DELLAs are major transcriptional growth repressors (Martí et al., 2007; Bai et al., 2012). .... 2:1 [v/v]) and grown in the greenhouse at 25°C under a 16/8 h light ( 500 ..... a key gene in anthocyanin biosynthesis (Holton and Cornish, 1995), .... at relatively high levels at all stages of development (Mitchum et al., ...


Soto et al. performed an RCT of a 5-day regimen of either mupirocin or bacitracin for S. aureus nasal ... Fung et al. used polysporin ointment in a pilot study without a control group, which evaluated patients ...... Liberati A ,; D'Amico R ,; Pifferi S ,; Torri V ,; Brazzi L ,; Parmelli E ..... Holton DL ,; Nicolle LE ,; Diley D ,; Bernstein K.