Consumer organizations are advocacy groups that seek to protect people from corporate abuse ... One common means of providing consumers useful information is the independent .... Aside from this general consumer norganisation, the Netherlands is home to many categorical consumer organisations whose working ...


The FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection stops unfair, deceptive and fraudulent ... Each year, the FTC also releases a report that provides information about the number ... Protection provides tips and advice about money and credit, homes and ... a TESOL or other teacher, or an advocate — the FTC's resources can help.


Provides information about consumer publications, policies, and resources. ... Composed of more than 260 organizations, CFA is a consumer advocacy and education organization. ... Enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. ... fraud, and unscrupulous practices in buying and renting a home.


Feb 15, 2007 ... Cost: Limited free information; subscription fee for monthly magazine. Type: Prevention. Consumers Union is the patriarch of consumer groups.


Source for information on Consumer Advocacy and Protection: Encyclopedia of Business ... Consumer advocacy refers to actions taken by individuals or groups to ... the widespread use of home computers advanced consumer advocacy by ...


It publishes reports and opinions on specific topics deemed to be both most relevant for ... CI is a federation of consumer organisations dedicated to the protection and ... CFA is an advocacy organization, working to advance pro- consumer policy on a ... the White House, federal and state regulatory agencies, and the courts.


These organizations define their missions as consumer assistance, protection and/or advocacy. The descriptions below are based on information they provided .


Jun 25, 2018 ... ACL Administration for Community Living logo link to home page .... Protection and Advocacy Systems (P&As) work at the state level to protect individuals ... and each is independent of service-providing agencies in their states. ... They often provide information and referrals, as well as training and technical ...


Consumer advocacy refers to actions taken by individuals or groups to ... led to the formation of several federal agencies designed to protect consumer interests. ... conducts consumer surveys, and disseminates product information to the public. ... widespread networking of home computers advanced consumer advocacy by ...