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Clean eye discharge. If your cat has runny eyes or a discharge, use dampened cotton wool to wipe away the gunk. Do this as often as is needed, which for some cats with a heavy infection could mean hourly. Pat the eye dry afterwards. As the cotton wool become ...


Oct 12, 2013 ... Home remedies for Conjunctivitis in Cats. There are really no home remedies that may help a pet once the infection has set in, however, the pet may be helped feel more comfortable at home. Clean the eye with a soft piece of cotton wool and free it from the discharge. Do not clean over the eye just around it ...


Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Eye Infections in Cats. Nov 14, 2017. Apple cider vinegar is an effective natural remedy for conjunctivitis (pink eye) in cats. This home cure usually works very quickly and it doesn't even have to be put directly into the eye!


Is your cat's eye red, squinting or does it look strange? Your cat may have an eye infection and need treatment. Learn the signs of cat eye infections, common causes, treatments and more.


Recognizing when there is a problem is the first step in diagnosing and treating eye infections in cats. Here are some tips that pet parents can use to keep their cats' eyes bright and healthy.


A cat eye infection can arise due to various factors such as viral infections, bacterial contamination, the presence of foreign objects or abnormalities of the eye. Since the symptoms of eye infection are easy to detect, it's best to treat minor eye conditions in time. The type of eye infection present determines the kind of ...


Sep 7, 2016 ... Many cats often get a cold in their eyes, get something stuck in them, or have a small infection that makes their eyes leak. Try the following "home remedies" for a couple days (You should always speak to a vet before trying any home remedies) . If they don't work, then it's a more serious matter, and you ...


Home remedies, for a cat's eyes infection, are temporary fixes that can also bring comfort to your cat from time to time. Check our article and find more!


Discover causes and symptoms of cat eye infections and learn how to clear them safely by using simple and inexpensive home remedies.