Hospital administrators are individuals or groups of people ... Hospital administration has grown as a percent of the U.S. ...


This article highlights the position of hospital management, from training and degrees required to the everyday responsibilities handled by these professionals .


A hospital manager equips a hospital with the personnel and tools to respond in any emergency. Health management courses cover how to get the job done.


Hospital management is a career field that requires professionals with higher education and experience within the healthcare field. Students that desire a ...


Hospital administration is more dynamic than ever, particularly as the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act continues to prompt an unprecedented.


Quality of care and safety are the highest priorities for professionals in hospital management. In the words of a 2014 study published by the medical journal BMJ  ...


The concept of hospital administration seems obvious and necessary in modern medical practice. This wasn't always the case. Although early institutions aiming ...


Learn more about how to become a hospital administrator and search for schools offering a healthcare administrator degree near you.


Find out which 4 hospital administration roles and operations require healthcare professionals to take on the role of fulfilling public health care needs.