Notes, To be classified as a Miniature Shar Pei, AKC registered dogs should also meet the MSPCA (Miniature Shar Pei Club of America) standard. Domestic dog ( Canis lupus familiaris). The Miniature Shar Pei or Mini Pei is a breed of dog with slightly smaller proportions than the .... Its sturdy, compact size makes this a versatile pet suited to a wide variety of ...


The Miniature Shar Pei is brave, wise, and dominant, but not always obedient. ... Miniature Shar Peis can grow bored of repetition, so training should be made diverse ... Miniature Shar Peis have large, wide muzzles, and small, sunken eyes.


As a medium-sized dog breed, the Miniature Shar-Pei should be fed a high- quality ... What you may find, however, is that these dogs do have a bit of an ... Miniature Shar-Peis come in a wide variety of colors including cream, fawn, apricot, ...


They should set wide apart and forward on the skull and angle toward the eye. ... The Miniature Shar-Pei should be alert, confident, playful, adaptable, affectionate , easily trained and ... Be sure to find a breeder who strives for healthy dogs.

Sep 17, 2015 ... The "Miniature Shar Pei" or "Mini Pei" is a breed of dog with slightly smaller proportions than the larger Standard Shar Pei. They have been ...


The Miniature Shar Pei or Mini Shar Pei is a breed of versatile dogs that are somewhat ... with a square profile, well-proportioned head slightly large for its body, dark, small, ... Coat, Horse coat: short, harsh, does not exceed one-quarter inch ... If introduced to children and other animals while it is young, it can get along well ...


Find the perfect Miniature Shar Pei puppy at PuppyFind.com. ... Miniature Shar Peis have large, wide muzzles, and small, sunken eyes. Puppies have ... Miniature Shar-Peis do not like the heat, and should not be over exercised in hot weather.


Miniature Shar Pei - the smaller version of the famous breed which ... Just like their bigger counterparts, they are an affectionate, playful, and devoted breed. ... Training should be diverse because Mini Peis can get bored with repetition.


Third, since these dogs have not been "down-sized" like many other miniaturized breeds, miniature Shar-Pei puppies do not carry any genetic health problems ...