Feb 10, 2014 ... Just as consumers check to make sure a business is legitimate ... are available online, particularly when dealing with smaller businesses.

Nov 26, 2014 ... In addition, online shoppers are vulnerable to scams like phishing ... How do you know if a site is legitimate and if you should give them your data ... To get an SSL Certificate, the company must go through a validation process.

Jun 24, 2014 ... If the Chinese company refuses to send this to you, walk away. You then need to ... For more on China due diligence, check out the following:.

Dec 27, 2017 ... How can you check if a loan company is legitimate? ... If you are borrowing from an online lender you obviously do not need to walk into a ...

Dec 2, 2013 ... Tips for buying online, keeping your payment details safe and your rights as ... You also need to check that the website is trustworthy. .... to be aware of if you're buying items online from a company that is based outside the UK.

Aug 7, 2017 ... When a fake check bounces — which could take a few days or ... Fraudsters know how to make a fake check look completely legitimate — so good that even a bank ... fake job offers, mystery shopper scams, and bogus online classified ... a mystery shopping company asking her to do some work for them.

Mar 5, 2018 ... Be aware of these scams when you're online. ... information by spoofing trusted logos of legitimate companies in an ... Tell the customer service representative about the request and ask if your account has been compromised.

Sep 22, 2017 ... If you go to your local travel agent or buy a holiday online, it's typically ... to check if a travel agency is legitimate is by checking that the company ...

Feb 20, 2018 ... Whether a job offer is fake or a legitimate one. ... If the company doesn't assure them an hourly rate or salary, then they should drop the idea of the job. ... Before applying for any job online, one must do their research properly.