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Dec 6, 2016 ... Since labels and logo can easily be fakes or stolen, this isn't a flawless guarantee , but it's a positive sign if an online retail site has some seal of approval from a reputable organization. Look for some of the most common logos and seals of approval from organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), ...


Oct 18, 2017 ... If you are contacted by someone after submitting an online loan application, don't assume you know who you are dealing with. ... This is the most important check you should do as scammers impersonate licensed companies and will give you a real company's credit licence number to appear legitimate.


Feb 10, 2014 ... Just as consumers check to make sure a business is legitimate before they buy, you likely do the same before your business has dealings with someone new. ... Do an Internet search using whatever information you have (name, address, phone number) and visit or call to see if it is what it claims to be.


If you use this search, you will be able to view if a company exist, and if so, what the Enterprise Name, Enterprise Number, Registration Date is and the status of the enterprise (if the enterprise is in business), as well as the Registered and Postal Address of the enterprise.


Sep 22, 2017 ... With job search moving more online, it's hard to detect whether a job offer or recruiter is in fact genuine. Sadly scammers are on the increase with more and more phony positions appearing on job boards, targeting job seekers who are vulnerable and desperate for work. Their goal is to separate you from ...


Aug 14, 2017 ... Ask the caller for their name, company, street address, telephone number, and if your state licenses debt collectors, a professional license number. You can also refuse to discuss any debt until you get a written.


Nov 28, 2017 ... If you apply in-store, you can get cash almost as soon as a lender approves your application. With online legit short term loans, the money is transferred into your bank account after you accept the loan contract, usually within one business day. Use money for any reason. Short term lenders don't place any ...


May 4, 2017 ... The following ways can help to identify if a certain company is legit or if it's just a mere scam; ... To confirm if the company is legit and registered, check it on the registrar of companies. ... Apart from looking up for the company online, physically visit the company and notice any red flags in its operations.


Search for the company's website online and send them a message, or call them directly if you receive an email about your financial accounts or requests to provide financial information. Legitimate emails do not ask you to send personal information through email. 3. Check for spelling errors in the email. Many phishing ...