Oct 12, 2016 ... You read the summons, petition, and other paperwork. It says you have to file an answer and go to court. You google: how to answer a ...


Mar 2, 2017 ... Before you respond to a complaint, consider whether you should file an answer or a motion to dismiss.


If the lawsuit was filed in small claims court, the summons and complaint is called a "claim and ... To respond to the summons or notice of claim, you must file an:.


The filing of the Summons signifies that the credit card company (or its ... action will go forward), the defendant must serve and file his Answer to the Complaint.


Jan 19, 1973 ... (a) Answer - When Filed. A defendant shall file an answer within thirty days after the service of the summons and petition, except where service ...


If you disagree with the Plaintiff's claims, you must fill out and deliver this Answer by the deadline. You must also tell the court how you want to handle the case.


If you were personally served, you have 21 days after receiving the summons to file a written answer with the court. If you were served by mail or were served ...


If you are served with a complaint and are living in Arizona, you typically have twenty days to respond/ file your answer. The summons you are served with will ...


Nov 9, 2018 ... A summons is a notice served on a person to let them know that a ... It is very important that you file a written answer to the civil complaint or ...