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As a general rule, male fish of live-bearing species are brighter or more elaborately colored, and have a narrow, long anal fin on their lower side next to the tail. Females tend to be more drab, with a triangular or fan-shaped anal fin. If you can identify their sex, you'll have ...

Jan 23, 2012 ... Platy are livebearers, which means unlike most fish they dont lay eggs, they give birth to live young called fry. To see some ... I didn't know my platy was pregnant, and i went to go feed her and her tank mates (2 guppies and 2 other platys), and i saw a little fry. Im not sure ... hey, does fish lays egg or what?.
Sep 9, 2017 ... Like other live bearing fish, 29 may 2014 however, your koi will appear bloated and pregnant for up to or baby fish (fry) in pond by simply removing the females from pond, 20 feb i have a female right now so need hurry. How long do molly fish stay pregnant? is pregnant before gives birth? Which born ...
Nov 17, 2013 ... i was just taking a look at my guppies and i realised one of them is pregnant I'm so excited :D how long does it usually take for a guppy to give birth? i mean how long do they stay pregnant?. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Gabriel Davis3 years ago. Please watch my videos and help me . Read more.


The length of pregnancy in a fish varies greatly depending on the species of fish. The length of pregnancy, or gestation period, can vary from as little as three weeks to ten...


Usually about a month.. But if water conditions are not right they will hold on to them longer. Reply. This Might Interest You. Hi, i have a damlation Molly she not big she a little fat and long and stay... My molly just had babies and im wondering how long can they stay in my half... How long does a balloon molly stay pregnant]  ...


Forum: 3,563. Votes: 125. Hi! I believe your Molly is a Platy!. Platies, as well as other livebearers, will stay pregnant with fry for an average of 28 days, and will drop the fry during the night time. I suggest taking a look at this blog for further details: http://www.myaquariumclub.com/pregnancy-in-female-livebearing-fish- 1923.


Aug 20, 2017 ... If nothing happens when this button is tapped, then none of the fish are pregnant or sick! How long does it take for a fish to give birth? Pregnancy for the fish takes 30 real time minutes, unless you use "InstaBirth" to finish the pregnancy instantly. This formula will affect all pregnant fish in the tank.


Aug 2, 2004 ... How long do pregnant bettas stay pregnant? I'm not breeding her so I'm just letting it run its course. One of my betta girls got full of eggs shortly...