Dec 17, 2018 ... Establishing a turf area with sod allows you to create a lawn surface that is almost instantly ... So pallets will yield 450 to 675 square feet of sod or cover ... lay it out flat and make sure it does not dry out, watering it as needed.


Find out how much your project will cost .... However, during extended hot periods or in hot and windy areas, it may .... How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Cover?


Q: How do I measure my yard to find out how much grass I need? A: Although yards are ... We can also sell ½ pallets and individual pieces of grass. —. Q: How many ... 450 sq. feet covers an area that measures about 25 ft x 18 ft. 500 sq feet  ...


How many square feet is in a pallet of sod? How much area will one piece of sod cover? There are 600 ... How much sod do you need to cover a quarter acre?


Either 450 sq feet or 500 sq. ft. depending on which size you buy. 450 sq. feet covers an area that measures about 25 ft x 18 ft. 500 sq feet covers an area that ...


How Much Does Bermuda Sod Cost? Get free .... The price can range based on the type of sod and how many square feet one pallet covers. For example, one ...


A pallet of sod is 450 square feet. Use this number to estimate how many pallets you'll ...


Calculates square feet of yard and pallets of sod needed. ... Calculate the area of each square or rectangular section (length x width), then add the areas together to get the total amount of sod that is required. Each pallet will cover approximately 450 square feet, which is equal to 50 ... How much water does sod need?


Feb 22, 2017 ... To calculate how much sod you need to cover your lawn, you need to ... yard, take the square footage of the area you calculated by multiplying width x ... We stack up to 90 rolls on a pallet, therefore a pallet of sod can weigh up to 1,300 kg. ... Prior to installing sod, we do recommend applying a few inches of ...