Establishing a turf area with sod allows you to create a lawn surface that is ... So pallets will yield 450 to 675 square feet of sod or cover approximately 0.01 to ... an few hours prior to installing it, lay it out flat and make sure it does not dry out, ...


FAQs - Call (800) 989-8873 for central Texas grass supplier Tip's Turf. We grow ... It's also great for high traffic areas. ... Q: How many feet does a pallet cover?


How Much Does Sod Cost? .... However, during extended hot periods or in hot and windy areas, it may require extra .... How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Cover?


How many square feet is in a pallet of sod? How much area will one piece of sod cover? There are 600 ... How much sod do you need to cover a quarter acre?


How Much Does Bermuda Sod Cost? Get free .... The price can range based on the type of sod and how many square feet one pallet covers. For example, one ...


All over the place depending on the farm. Anywhere from 500 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft. Typcially 540 sq.ft to 700 sq.ft. Call the farm and ask what the per square foot ...


1 acre – 43,560 square feet – 87 pallets of sod (97 pallets Zoysia & St. Augustine) . Our sod ... Approximately how much sod do you need to purchase? Are you ...

Jun 20, 2013 ... How Many Square Feet of Sod Per Pallet - Houston Grass South ... We sell partial pallets of Raleigh St. Augustine grass sod, so if you're looking ... How Much Does a Sod Pallet Weigh - Houston Grass South - Duration: 2:06.


Laying sod is a much faster way to make your lawn beautiful than seeding it, although it ... If there is a large area of bare yard to cover, then you need to calculate the ... Fulton Grass advertises 171 pieces of sod (16 by 24 inches) on one pallet.