The price of sod can vary depending upon many different factors. One of the best determining factors of how much your sod will cost is the square feet of area ...


Whether you plan to install the sod yourself or have someone else do it, you will need to figure ... You can use our our handy calculator and instuctions on calculating the area of ... How many rolls: Each of our sod rolls will cover 10 square feet.


Q. How many square feet does one Pallet of Sod cover? A. 450 Sq. feet. Q. How many pieces are in a pallet of Sod? A. Approximately 160 pieces. Q. How much ...


How Much Sod Do I Need? Each piece of sod roughly covers 2.66 sq. ft. or roughly 1.5 ft wide x 2 ft long. How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Weigh? A pallet of sod ...


Harmony Outdoor Brands 500-sq ft Fescue Sod Pallet. Item # 732425 | Model # FESC500DCOM. (17). Harmony Outdoor Brands 500-sq ft Fescue Sod Pallet.


A roll of sod covers 10 square feet so divide the area of the lawn by 10 to find the ... Plug those numbers into the calculator above and let it do the work for you. ... tells you how much sod you need in rolls and pallets, plus the approximate cost.


It can seem daunting to do the math, but it's all going to start with measuring. Blue Grass Sod measurement ... Measure the areas in feet and jot down the measurements as you go. Remember to take out any ... 24" x 81" or 2 ft x 6.75 ft. Each roll of sod will cover 1.5 sq. yds or 13.5 sq. ft. 60 rolls per pallet = 90 sq yds per pallet.


5 days ago ... ... $500 and $1200 total. The price of a Sod Installer can vary depending on your area. ... How much does sod installation cost? Oct 12, 2018.


Jul 13, 2016 ... ... answers a question about the cost of a pallet of sod in the Houston area. ... You are here: Home / Buying Sod / How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Cost ... These pallets all cover 450 square feet and have 170 pieces of grass.