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Use our sod calculator to find out the square feet of your yard and determine the number of sod rolls ... Measure the length and the width of your area in feet.


What is the pallet deposit and do I have to take a pallet with my order? When the sod is cut it is rolled and stacked on wooden pallets for moving and ... order at one time you can make as many trips as you need to get your sod home. ... years so we are more than willing to set you up with an experienced installer in your area.


How to determine the best grass for your lawn, how much sod you need, and pricing ... Weaknesses: Less wear tolerance, does not perform well in shade. ... A pallet of grass covers 450 square feet, therefore divide the total of 5350 by 450. ... sod selection Louisiana, how many square feet pallet grass sod, qualitysod.com  ...


A roll of sod covers 10 square feet so divide the area of the lawn by 10 to find the ... Estimate how many rolls or pallets of sod you need for your lawn by entering ...


If you are trying to patch an area of grass or installing next to an existing lawn, the mix may ... (Covers 10 square feet) ... How much does a pallet of sod weigh?


How Do I Determine How Much Sod To Order? Determine the total Square footage to be sodded by measuring (in feet) the length and width of each area. ... One pallet covers 600 square feet and a full semi-truck covers 12,000 square feet .


Measure your lawn area (length x width = sq. ft., divide by 9 = sq. yards) to determine the amount of sod you will need. Call your Double Springs turfgrass ...


Calculating how many grass plugs are needed for your lawn or other areas. An informational site by Seedland.com.


What area does a pallet of sod cover and how much does it weigh? ... Do I need a piece of equipment to assist with unloading heavy items at the delivery site?