How long do I have from delivery to installation? • Can you get pallets in my yard if I have a fence? • What type of ... How much Sod can I put in a pick-up truck ? • Can I over ... Is a dark green turf, and is good for full sun, irrigated areas. This will  ...


A: Small Roll: 2 ft x 4 ft / 8 sq ft per roll /480 sq ft per pallet ... Q: Do I need to call ahead to pick-up sod? ... A: Green Velvet does not offer installation services. ... to one of our recommended landscapers that provide installation services in your area. ... A: Many new varieties of seed germinate within a few days, providing the  ...


How much does sod cost? If you want to know the cost of sod, We have the best Sod prices around.


St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a fast-growing grass that has a medium to dark ... 1 Pallet of sod covers an area of approximately 400 sq. ft.


How Do I Determine How Much Sod To Order? Determine the total Square footage to be sodded by measuring (in feet) the length and width of each area. ... One pallet covers 600 square feet and a full semi-truck covers 12,000 square feet .


Find Sod in Plants, Fertilizer & Soil | Plants, fertilizer, and soil for sale in Ontario – trees, dirt, ... All of Alberta; Banff / Canmore; Calgary; Edmonton Area .... 80 rolls are 9sq ft 720 square feet per pallet. .... Does your Lawn need new Sod? ... There is way too many fake businesses out there that offer sod installation and claim its  ...


Know whether you can haul a pallet of sod on your own vehicle by finding out ... are typically used for measuring, transporting or selling sod can have an area of ...


Harmony's farm fresh sod delivers an instantly beautiful, weed-free lawn. ... Adapted to Canada's harsh climate, this superior grass can handle regular use, resist ... In-stock at your local store (call for availability); Perfect for high-traffic areas; Quick and ... If there is any instance where the quality of our sod does not meet your ...


Order pallets of Bahia Sod to be delivered to any address in the Tampa Bay Area or pick up at our Tampa store.