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How long do I have from delivery to installation? • Can you get pallets in my yard if I have a fence? • What type of ... How much Sod can I put in a pick-up truck ? • Can I over ... Is a dark green turf, and is good for full sun, irrigated areas. This will  ...


Order pallets of Bahia Sod to be delivered to any address in the Tampa Bay Area or pick up at our Tampa store.


Second Step: Determine square yard (area from step 1 divided by 9) ... A standard pallet of sod covers 50 square yards = to 450 square feet; A standard pallet of ...


Mar 19, 2013 ... Normally a pallet of grass has 450 sq. ft. of sod on it. ... (We can do a larger, 2′ x 4′, block also but we don't harvest that size every day ... To figure out how many pallets you need to cover your area take the length times the ...


For the do-it-yourselfer, rolls of sod cost 8-30 cents a square foot, depending on the ... Usually the cost per square foot is lower for a large, flat area that can be ... Did my back yard took 4 days to get it all in 18 pallets of sod price included .... How much would it cost to install sod, st augustine for the square footage indicated.


How Do I Determine How Much Sod To Order? Determine the total Square footage to be sodded by measuring (in feet) the length and width of each area. ... One pallet covers 600 square feet and a full semi-truck covers 12,000 square feet .


Find out how much sod costs and what it takes to install it. ... Typical Costs for Sod Installation (Do-It-Yourself Services) ... Most pallets to be delivered to your home will have enough sod to cover 504 square feet. ... The hardest part of installing sod is moving it from the pallets to the area where they'll be installed, so make ...


I understand a $7 per pallet deposit will be added to my purchase and will be refunded ... Bahia grass thrives in areas where the weather extremes cycle through ...


A roll of sod covers 10 square feet so divide the area of the lawn by 10 to find the ... Plug those numbers into the calculator above and let it do the work for you. ... tells you how much sod you need in rolls and pallets, plus the approximate cost.