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*WE DELIVER*. Quick and timely deliveries. Its what we do!! Learn more about our… Celebration Bermuda Delivery Services ... Q. How many square feet of grass are on a full pallet of Celebration Bermuda?? There are 450 square feet of grass on a full pallet. Q. Is there a minimum purchase for Celebration Bermuda?? Yes.


Typical Costs for Sod Installation (Do-It-Yourself Services). Low-End Estimate: ... Figure out how much sod you'll need by multiplying the width of your yard by the length of your yard to come up with a square footage number. Most pallets to be delivered to your home will have enough sod to cover 504 square feet. Be sure to  ...


Mar 19, 2013 ... Normally a pallet of grass has 450 sq. ft. of sod on it. We can make larger pallets if we need to fit a certain amount of grass on a truck or some reason but typically each pallet will cover a 450 square foot area. The individual blocks of grass are 16″ x 24″ in size. (We can do a larger, 2′ x 4′, block also but ...


Bermuda requires less maintenance than either Fescue or Zoysia grasses, which both do best with regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing. How much sod will I need for ... In order to install grass in a gated area, there must be an opening of at least 8 ½ feet so that our forklift can enter the site to deposit the rolls or pallets.


Each pallet contains approximately 450 square feet of sod. This is roughly equal to a 21 foot by 21 foot square area. Measuring Once the dirt work is done and the soil is properly prepared it is time to measure and determine just how much sod is needed to cover the prepared area. Some yards are simple rectangles while ...


How do you calculate how much you need? Here are some ... SOD ... Most pallets of sod cover about 400 Square Feet of surface. The length times the width divided by 400 = # of Pallets. So if you have an area 20' x 30' . ... Use the chart below to calculate how many full wheelbarrow loads in a specific number of cubic yards.


HD2000® Kentucky Bluegrass is the best choice for lawns in the Chicago area. Supreme cold tolerance combined with drought tolerance makes this grass ideal for your project.


Hydroseeding is a very effective and efficient way to establish a lawn, pasture or erosion prone area. For more information on the Hydroseeding process please visit "Florida Hydroseeding". SOD PRICES: St. Augustine Sod $105.00(400 Sq. Ft ) Bahia Sod $65.00 Per Pallet (Pallets hold 400 Sq Ft) Sodding one acre of St.


Whether you plan to install the sod yourself or have a landscaper do it, you will need to figure out how much sod to order. ... the dimensions of 16” wide by 6.75' long, which equals 9 square feet; Our turf is delivered on a 4' X 4' pallet that can hold up to 702 sq ft of turf; Our delivery trucks can accommodate 12 pallets per trip.