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Order pallets of Floratam Sod to be delivered to any address in the Tampa Bay Area or pick up at our Tampa store. ... St. Augustine Floratam is available in both 400 and 500 square foot pallets. Please choose the correct sod ... Floratam Sod, a member of the St. Augustine Grass Family offers many advantages. It thrives ...


And in southern states, which favor warm-season grasses like Bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, and centipedegrass, sod is the best way to cover the yard at any time ..... To keep it moist, consider watering the sod after you lay the first large area and move the sprinkler around the lawn as you complete each subsequent section.


How to use sod for problem areas, or your whole baseball field. ... Make sure the sod matches the existing turf as much as possible. Be aware the sod farms ... the area was regraded pallets of sod 1,000 sq ft of sod delivered on pallets, then covered till used installing sod installation starting with the longest runs installing  ...


We deliver the best Kentucky Blue Grass every day... Our sod is cut first thing in the morning, and delivered before noon... Do it Yourself and save....$$$ First pallet: 80 rolls = 720 sq feet $319.00 Second pallet: 80 rolls = 720 sq feet $319.00 Half skid @ 40 rolls $190.00 Delivered.... Dirty Larrys Premium Topsoil Inc.


How many sod rolls do I need? Determine your total square footage of area to be covered. Sod is sold by the roll, also equivalent to one square yard. Each roll is 6 feet long and 18 inches wide and covers 9 square feet. Note: It s always good to round up at the end so you re not short any sod rolls. IE: 50 ft. x 35 ft.


Frequently Asked Questions. How many square feet are on a pallet? All of our Fescue pallets carry 78 yards of sod which will cover 700 sq. feet. Bermuda and Zoysia pallets carry 67 yards of sod which will cover 600 sq. feet. How much sod do I need? To calculate the amount of sod you will need to cover a specific area,  ...


How much does it weigh? A normal pallet of sod holds 500 square feet and weighs about 1,800 lbs. Is there a minimum order? Do I have to buy a whole pallet? There is ... The length of time required to cover an area from sprigs depends on several factors. The sprigging rate, usually measured in bushels per acre, is a factor ...


Read some frequently asked questions about lawn maintenance like (Does hydroseed cost less than sod?) or (What time of ... A hydroseed application will cost less than the pallets of sod needed to cover the same lawn area. ... Many homeowners come direct to our farm to pick up sod and get expert advice on installation.


A. Prepare the soil as if you were seeding; measure the area to be sodded to calculate the quantity you'll need to order; lay the first piece along a straight line such as ... Asking the delivery driver to place the pallets of sod across the yard, approximating how much each pallet will cover…this will reduce the time and distance ...