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Sod that is installed in shady areas should not water as much as sod in ... Q: What do the fertilizer numbers represent? ... If the area is in complete shade we recommend making the area natural with ... Q: What does a pallet of sod weigh?


Gladiator sod is one of the oldest sod companies in Pasco, FL; Resodding lawn? Need a pallet of sod? We have the best sod prices in ... Current Sod Prices ...


In general we need to know how much you need, where you want it, and when. Give us your total square footage and we'll figure out how many rolls or pallets you need. ... A less accurate way is with a tape measure, unless the area is small. ... in your car it might be a good idea to bring a small tarp or other protective cover .


A hydroseed application will cost less than the pallets of sod needed to cover the same lawn area. ... How much time do I have to install my sod? ... increased temperatures at the soil/plant interface and the reduction of photosynthetic area.


If you already know the square footage of the area you want to sod pick one of these links ... If your wondering how much sod cost to have installed? ... Note: Zoysia comes in 450 Sq. Ft. pallets compared to St Augustine come in 500 Sq. Ft.


How many square feet are on a pallet? All of our Fescue pallets carry 78 yards of sod which will cover 700 sq. feet. Bermuda and ... How much sod do I need?


Del's Grass Farms | Providing High Quality Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda Grass to all of South Texas.


1 acre – 43,560 square feet – 87 pallets of sod (97 pallets Zoysia & St. Augustine) ... Drought tolerant, heat tolerant, spreads, does not need to be reseeded. ... Doesn't need much fertilizer. ... Pine Bark/Mulch – 1 bag will cover 12 square feet  ...


How much sod do I need? ... St. Augustine Floratam grass sod - 400 Sq. Ft. per Pallet - Approx 140 Pieces ... How do I take care of my newly installed lawn?