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Feb 4, 2018 ... Since mid-2016, I will often bid 3 euros each on a bunch of PS2 and PS3 games on eBay, and see what I win. Very often, PS3 game bidding won't go much above that, and through this practice, I've built a 40-strong PS3 boxed disc collection for the cost of two or three Day One PS4 releases. It's been pretty ...


May 8, 2016 ... The Sony PS3 is a 7th generation console built for the platform. Sony PS3 is not just a gaming console it is an entertainment centre for the whole family. It is available with a number of built-in storage for storing games, movies, music, and photos. Sony PS3 Price in Nigeria ranges from 48,000 Naira to up to ...


I wondering if I can get fortnite on ps3 because my cousin wants it and he has a ps3 and I don't know if you can download fortnite on ps3 or not. It will be.


Aug 18, 2009 ... By Chris Roper The worst-kept secret in gaming is official: the PS3 slim is real. During its Gamescom press conference today in Germany, Sony announced the new system, which will retail for $299 US (or 249 pounds, 299 Euros, $499 AUD, $629 NZD and 29,980 yen) and will hit shelves September 1, ...


Aug 19, 2009 ... Sony's slimmed-down PS3 is a cute little ugly duckling, and not without its concessions. ... If you prefer your PS3 fat and glossy, the existing 80GB model has now dropped to $300—that's how much the new 120GB PS3 Slim will be in September. ... It costs $24, or about 8% of the console's $300 price.


Aug 18, 2009 ... I fear that sony isnt going to see that MASSIVE amount of sales yet with this ps3 slim / price cut… yes there will be HUGE sales within the next few months but this IS not the sweet spot.. remeber we are in a recession and MANY people either have an xbox/wii and people with xboxs dont see much reason to ...


Apr 26, 2007 ... Sony still insists that 6 million units will still be shipped before April 2007. Sep. 22 , 2006: At Tokyo Game Show, Ken Kutaragi announces during his keynote address that Sony will pre-emptively cut the price of PlayStation 3 before it launches in Japan. But adds that HDMI will now come standard on both ...


Sep 22, 2012 ... "We're going to continue supporting the PS3 for the next few years." John Koller, Sony VP of hardware marketing.


May 30, 2017 ... My nine year old fatty PS3 is still going strong. Hopefully I'll get many more years of enjoyment out of it. I still have a huge backlog of PS3 games to get through. Great system.