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Dec 5, 2013 ... I beg of thee to let me become one with the fear hate and anger. Shalt I become a demon is up to you! Blacken my soul or take it away, each i do not mind! Become one with me, i beg of thee please. Take away the humans heart. Before this i summoned a very powerful demon and "it" agreed to go forth with ...


There are multiple answers that must be answered: Are demons real? In order to pursue the line of thinking to get to the answer of your questions we must answer: YES. What are demons? Malevolent spirits. The opposite of angels. Tools of Satan. Evi...


I ask this because I was watching a documentary about a haunting that said two people involved became demons when they left their human bodies (died). They ...


Become HALF Demon!; This spell is irreversible.. and VERY dangerous.


Author's note: This is a story I've been knocking around in my head for a while. " He that saith...


Sep 11, 2015 ... People want to act like summoning demons is a bad thing. I mean, sure, there's a chance that one of these dukes of the underworld might roll up on you, cast you into darkness and misery, and then subject you to his unending, hellish thrall. But you also might get hit by a bus walking the street, am I right?


A demon possessed person is dangerous because he is not in control. When a person has no empathy or sense of right and wrong, everyone is at risk.


Deep in my heart, I give the desire to enhance the inside of me as to if I suddenly change myself into this devilish creature that will suddenly come to me, jumping, running, overcoming will soon to become more of an advantage! Give me the power of a demon that will change my life forever, give me the power to transform  ...


Jan 28, 2012 ... In many countries in Europe people believe that in the cold and stormy winter nights the wild hunt is roaming the skies. It is better to stay at home at certain nights.