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In the Genesis flood narrative the author explains how God was noticing "how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways" (Genesis 6:12). In Jubilees the sins of man are attributed to "the unclean demons [who] began to lead astray the children of the sons of Noah, and to make to err ...


A demon possessed person is dangerous because he is not in control. When a person has no empathy or sense of right and wrong, everyone is at risk.

Feb 7, 2017 ... Full Demon Spell - BECOME 100% DEMON! This spell will make you full demon and not just half demon!


5 days ago ... This page in an interesting one with plenty of tips and tricks about magic, some of it's evil uses, as well as how somebody can become a magician.


Feb 15, 2018 ... We all want power, and we all know that power comes from having lots of money —so in this article, I am going to show you how to perform a ritual to summon the ancient demon of greed, Mammon. By doing so and allowing the devil to reside in your body and take your eternal soul, you will become ...


The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks to the importance of knowing the difference between mental illness and demonic actions: “Exorcism is directed at the expulsion of ... If you are interested in training to become an exorcist, Father de Meo apparently has just such a school, that he's been leading for 13 years.


The possessed person does not become a demon. Rather the body is being used by the evil spirit. The occupying demon may later cast off the body; or, in the case that exorcism is performed the demon is cast out. Exorcism and casting out of demons was one of the key miracles Christ exhibited while he was on earth ( along ...


Author's note: This is a story I've been knocking around in my head for a while. " He that saith...


Fears, obsessions, addictions are all parts of ourselves that have becomedemonic” by being split off, disowned, and battled against. When you try to flee from your demons, they pursue you. By struggling with them, you become weaker and may even succumb to them completely. For example, someone who struggles with ...