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Mar 1, 2018 ... Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get rid of ants by using ant bait -- and then keep them out!


Jun 26, 2016 ... If you have ants at home or at your next picnic, try these 7 effective ways to get rid of them. You can get rid of ants using stuff you already have.


Feb 2, 2018 ... Larger carpenter ants can be more difficult to get rid of as they nest and feed on moist wood, which can cause structural damage to your home.


Now that the temperatures are warmer, everything is alive and well, including the insect population. And the most active of them all are ants. They can build ...


Mar 26, 2018 ... Ants are one of the most common and annoying pests. Learn how to get rid of ants in the house using these very simple methods.


May 16, 2013 ... You'll kill it, but for every ant you see, there may be hundreds more hiding in the house. The ones you see are scout ants, foraging for food to ...


6 Effective Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Ants. Ants. May 5, 2018. Ant nest in a yard. During the warm spring and summer months, you may notice an ...


Mar 31, 2017 ... Need to get rid of ants from your home or just trying to keep them out? Then this powerful, but easy to make, essential oil spray is perfect for ...


While they are mostly harmless, unlike other insects such as ticks and mosquitoes that can cause disease outbreaks, ants can pose a problem if they invade ...