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Dec 22, 2014 ... But when your vet prescribes an icky tasting powder or liquid medicine for your dog, then you might run into some trouble. Fortunately, I have some tips to help you give powder or liquid medicine to dogs. I've recently had to hide Tylan Powder, a foul tasting antibiotic prescribed for Inflammatory Bowel ...


Jun 28, 2015 ... Ick! What's that awful taste? Dog medicine can taste bitter, making it a hard pill to swallow. Here are some tricky tips that will hide the bad taste and keep your dog from spitting it up. Whether it is your dog's monthly heartworm pills or some other type of medication, getting your dog to take a pill can be tough.


You understand how important your pooch's medication is, but she doesn't. While some dogs take medication without any fuss, these creatures are notoriously resistant, not to mention how picky they can be about what they willingly ingest. There are a few approaches to giving your dog a gel capsule, so try them all to find ...


Aug 19, 2015 ... Is the hair on your retriever's muzzle now a lovely shade of gray? If so, it's likely that some medical issues have accompanied your dog's aging process. Learn how to manage your senior dog's care with medication using these ten tips.


Jan 20, 2015 ... One of the easiest ways to get your pet to take their medicine is to hide it in something delicious. Finding the perfect treat ... Get your dog his own jar of peanut butter, or at the very least no double dipping. Canned Food - Hiding your dog or cat's pill OR liquid medication in canned food is easy. You can put a ...


Horses are notorious for being difficult about taking medicine, but here are five tips that can help you to give your horse his meds more easily.


Second, giving medicine “twice a day” doesn't mean “two times whenever you remember.” Timing on medication is vital; doses are spaced to keep the medication level in your pet's blood high enough to kill the infection or ease the pain but low enough to not have toxic effects. So giving medicine twice a day means every 12 ...


When you consider that approximately 100 million Americans take medication two to three times per day, that most dogs eat anything we drop on the floor, and that our dogs are often in proximity to us whenever we're home, the danger to our animal companions appears obvious. The largest proportion of thousands of ...


Most dog owners find it difficult when it comes to administering medicine to their Shih Tzus. Lucky for those who own a Shih Tzu that readily takes the pill or takes the pill wrapped in his favorite food or other treat. But this task can be very difficult if your dog refuses to take one and will just separate the medicine from the treat.