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Apr 7, 2009 ... You don't really nead to wear a head scarf if you are a western ... seen with the Arab men and the "kafiyah" or "gutra" headcloth that they wear.


It was a part of Arabic culture from before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad who we know now used to wear a green turban-like headdress that was wrapped  ...


How to tie or wear a shemagh scarf? This is a traditional headdress of Arabian people. Also known as keffiyeh, shmagh, yashmag, ghutra, hatta.


The word hijab comes from the Arabic for veil and is used to describe the headscarves worn by Muslim women. These scarves come in a myriad of styles and ...


My entire family was wondering about the head scarves worn by a lot of ... The Sudanese,the Turkish,the Arabs all wear them in different ways.


Keffiyeh— a traditional headdress of the Middle East, made of a square cloth, folded and wrapped ... keffiyeh. Some wearers wrap the keffiyeh into a turban, while others wear it loosely ... It is popular in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.


Headgear for men in the Arab and Islamic East is variable in form, use, and ... and work, began to wear a gallabiyya (jellabib) and a white kaffiyeh (pronounced  ...


Jun 27, 2017 ... A simple guide on How To Tie Arabic Scarf Emirati Gulf Style Headgear, Shemagh. If you're reading this, comment below with: ''Eid Mubarak”.


Saudi's mostly wear the red and white patterns. The rest of the Arab world wear both red and white and black and white. Other colors have started to become ...