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Find out how to make an effective political campaign video or election ... we can” slogan transformed former President Obama's election campaign in 2008. ... Hearing something ten times doesn't make it more true than hearing it one time, right ...


Aug 22, 2017 ... Prabha Kannan humorously imagines potential campaign slogans for Donald Trump's Presidential run in 2020. ... She's Running Again, Right? When They Go Low, We Go High (Melania's .... News & Politics · Daily Comment ...


No election campaign, whether for a country or a high school candidate, is complete without a slogan. However, you first need to know what you can use as a ...


Apr 30, 2017 ... A collection of funny political slogans, including funny Democratic slogans, Republican slogans, and other humorous campaign slogans.


Jun 13, 2018 ... These catchy slogans could be used alike in political campaigns and ... Creating slogans that are based on existing conditions would add much ...


Oct 20, 2016 ... Political slogans, as a new WikiLeaks release of stolen, presumably authentic Hillary ... Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addresses .... has savagely bitten the Repuglican party, right on its corpulent rear end.


Here are some of the best campaign slogans and slogan ideas that has been used. ... Different candidates and their political parties come up with their own slogan. ... If you have been waiting for change, it stands right here, in front you. 64 .


Jan 13, 2015 ... Saatchi for the campaign slogan and poster widely regarded to be one of the finest examples of a successful political slogan.


Oct 24, 2016 ... Christian leaders in Austria have criticised a far-right presidential candidate for invoking the name of God in a political campaign slogan.