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How to Tell if Your Goldfish Is a Male or Female. ... You might want to know for breeding purposes, or just to make sure you didn't name ... Is it a boy or a girl?


Goldfish make rewarding and low-maintenance pets. When keeping goldfish, it is important to know whether your fish are male or female to aid or prevent ...

Aug 13, 2015 ... Difference Between Female and Male Goldfish . . . There are several subtle physical differences between male and female goldfish. Female ... How to tell if your fish is a girl or a boy - Duration: 0:56. ... How to tell if your Flowerhorn is Male or Female, Flowerhorn male and female differences - Duration: 3:14.


Many fish owners are interested in learning the sex of their pet fish. In some cases this is an easy thing to determine and in other cases it is quite difficult, if not  ...

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Oct 31, 2017 ... People will usually buy their goldfish when it is still a young baby, like in my case; The youngest I had was about 9 months old. They assume that it's a male or a ...


Use these tips for sexing various species of aquarium fish when starting a breeding project. ... Once they begin mating, it will be quite obvious which one is male and which is female, as the female ... If you can't locate a female Betta, ask the shop owner or manager if he can order one for you. ... Is Your Turtle a Boy or a Girl?


Posted in: cichlid gender, fish gender, tell the gender of a fish, tetra gender ... One way to know is that female barbs are quite larger than the male ones. For tiger ...


Is it possible to sex Oscar fish? If only I received a £ for every time somebody asked me that question, I'd be holidaying in the South of France every year. Joking ...