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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of ... Accounts differ as to the cause of death; one version stated that he died by .... Hitler did not answer, and Weidling went back to his headquarters in the ...


Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany, burrowed away in a refurbished ... his supposed death, some people still believe Adolf Hitler didn't die in Germany.


Six decades after his supposed death, some people still believe Adolf Hitler didn't die in Germany. What really happened on April 30, 1945?


On 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife, Eva in his bunker in Berlin. According to testimonies, both swallowed cyanide pills and he ...


Mar 22, 2017 ... The bodyguard who was the first to lay eyes on Adolf Hitler's dead ... Mr Misch, who was the last surviving member of Hitler's entourage when he died in ... "Hitler had already told his adjutant that he did not want his body to be ...


Apr 30, 2015 ... On the 70th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's suicide in his Fuhur bunker in ... Hitler's now wife Eva did not feel well in the run-up to their suicide so ...


Among conspiracy theories is the claim that Adolf Hitler did not die in his Berlin bunker but escaped Berlin and found refuge in South America.


Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany for a little over a decade, and he is known as one of the cruelest dictators of the last century. Yet, how much do you know ...


Dec 29, 2012 ... A new documentary claims the Nazi leader did not commit suicide in his bunker towards the end of WWII. ... Eva Braun with Adolf Hitler 370.