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Horse breeding is reproduction in horses, and particularly the human-directed process of ... That individual may not have had anything to do with the mating of the mare. It is important to review each breed registry's rules to determine which ...

Jan 26, 2014 ... Our Horse breeding farm offers safe horse mating under the supervision of our high qualified specialists. Visit us and ... I didn't come to watch horses mating, I wanted to see wild horses! .... How do Horses Make Babies?
May 13, 2015 ... Horse breeding 3 - Belgian draft horse mating .... Half are sexually curious people who come to see how horses have sex, the other half are whiny cry babies who think its cruel or inhumane to .... How do Horses Make Babies?
Jun 30, 2015 ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available ... horses mating hard and close up ... I have a horse mating fetish.


Your horses may live in a cozy barn with three squares a day, but they still share many innate traits with their wild relatives. ... Understanding the wild horse lends clarity to mating behaviors, and can ... Do Horses Stay with Their Mates?


Horses mate naturally in the wild but mating is often controlled and directed when humans are breeding their horses. Without human intervention, horses will breed in a mounted position after the ... How Do Male Horses Attract Females?


Apart from basic attempts to attract female horses for mating, male horses also often experience changes in temperament when they are ready to breed -- think ...


Jul 3, 2013 ... Horses are referred to as “long-day breeders” because they come into ... Mares will cycle several times during the breeding season if they do ...


Jul 9, 2017 ... A stallion can start breeding mares as early as two years (in some cases earlier), but it is healthier for the young stallion if breeding does not ...