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Hide Details, Remove Your Details, Get Rid Of the Details Section, On Myspace.


Mar 29, 2008 ... These codes will help hide different text on your myspace 1.0 profile. You can remove titles such as your display name, number of comments, ...


Hide Extended Network, Cover Up Extended Network, Remove Extended ... text " XX is in your extended network" on your myspace profile. Your blogs will be ...


This article will tell you how to hide details on Myspace using 3 different ... and anyone over 18," "Only my friends and anyone under 18" or "My Friends Only.".


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How do I hide my Last Login, Online Now Icon and Age, Sex, Location in ... your headline text in the headline box in the EDIT PROFILE section of Myspace 1.0:.


How can I hide my headline in Myspace 1.0? How do I ... To edit your headline just change the text in the headline box in the "Edit Profile" section. While you are  ...


May 4, 2012 ... "I tried to do an art project like four or five years ago in which I ceremonially deleted my MySpace profile in the spirit of a Heaven's Gate cult ...


Click "My Stuff" in the upper right corner followed by "Privacy Settings" on the ... Click "Save Changes" to save your changes and hide your MySpace profile ...