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For nature-friendly gardeners, the ideal solution to wildlife problems is peaceful coexistence. The challenge with rabbits is to simply keep them from eating the things you don't want them to eat. This requires more brains than brawn. So as with any counterintelligence effort, let's start by getting to know the other guy.


How to stop rabbits from eating your plants: Try this novel way to keep rabbits from treating your garden as their private salad bar.


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You can also place a row cover over your beds while the plants are small, removing it once new growth is well under way. Because rabbits prefer tender, young growth, try keeping your flowers covered for a few weeks in spring, then switching to an odor or taste repellent when the covers are removed. The rabbits may lose ...


Oct 3, 2017 ... Plants -Common marigolds have been a good deterrent, in my garden. I like to create a border with them, around the vegetable beds. Another effective border plant is onions. Update: Although marigolds seem to keep the rabbits at bay, I've recently read that some rabbits eat marigolds. They aren't the best ...


Oct 4, 2017 ... Rabbits can damage gardens and lawns, here are 3 good ways to keep rabbits away, and tips for long-term control. ... Young Rabbit In The Flowers. Rabbits may look cute, but ... The first step is to determine if it is a rabbit that is eating your garden - or something else is looking for rabbit evidence. One very ...


May 22, 2002 ... I am faced again with rabbits eating my flowers, any suggestions on stopping the rabbits. I have tried Sophia Urine, Black ... I read the information about the rabbits and keeping them out of my plants but need to know if anyone has found something to keep the squirrels out.My 2 dogs chase them when they ...


I have found that fencing around my sapling shrubs and trees keep rabbits from chewing them to death, and for flowers and herbs, the rabbits around here don't like basil or foxglove. They have left the tomatoes alone as well. Bloodmeal worked too, but I didn't want to pour too liberally until the plants got an overload of  ...


An Unwanted Guest in the Garden. Barriers and other deterrents can keep rabbits out of the garden. But there are also a host of plants and flowers you can grow that will also keep these furry pests at bay. HGTV offers our picks of some of the best.