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Sometimes people who are feeling depressed think about hurting themselves or dying. If you or someone you know is having these feelings, get help now.


Take this self-test to help figure out whether you're showing any of the warning signs of depression. This won't give you a diagnosis but it will help you decide ...


Sep 9, 2017 ... Most of us feel sad, lonely, or depressed at times. It's a normal reaction to loss, life's struggles, or injured self-esteem. But when these feelings ...


If im sad or depressed i know because i shut my self away from my family and lock my bedroom door. It Sometimes comes along at times when i ...


How to recognize the symptoms of depression and get effective help.


I know that I am not lazy because this is something new for me and I am a .... there's obvious signs of depression if you know what to look for, ...


Some signs and symptoms of depression include feeling sad, down or miserable most of the time or losing interest or pleasure in usual activities.


Take the following Patient Health Questionnaire from Dr. Ivan Goldberg to know immediately if you may be suffering from Depression.


If you checked off any problems, how difficult have these problems made it for you at work, home, or with other people? *. Not difficult at all. Somewhat difficult.