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"Boy Like Me" is a song written by Jerry Flowers, originally one-third of the American band The Ranch, and recorded by American country artist Jessica Harp as the first single to her debut album, A Woman Needs. "Boy Like Me" was released as a digital download on February 10, 2009 and was released as a single to ...


Skip to Step 1 to make them think you're cute and charming and have them fall in love with you. ... You never know, that weird guy from your math class could be the boy from your dreams! ... Don't try 'accidentally' tripping in front of him like in the pic, its not romantic its just stupid and it would make you look like a klutz.


How to Get a Guy to Like You. Do you want a guy to be completely crazy about you, the way you are about him? While you can't force someone to feel a certain way, you can definitely put your best foot forward and give his feelings a chance...


Dec 27, 2012 ... Whether you're trying to hook a new guy or just want to make the dude you're seeing slightly obsessed with you, bust out these tips and he won't stand a chance.


Oct 15, 2010 ... OK, so you like a guy, and you want to know if he likes you back? Are you just friends? Or is there something more... This quiz should help you decide what to do next and give you some good advice! This quiz is pretty accurate, but it's up to YOU to make your own mind up about this guy!

Nov 21, 2013 ... says drama me: Grandma can you help me i have a crush on a boy Grandma:huh me: thats what he said don't blame me. Read more. Show less. Reply 3 4. Baby Harleyquinn1 year ago. I thought he said grandma no drama I was sitting there like my grandma has nothing to do with this .
Dec 16, 2014 ... Dear everyone reading this, I have a crush on a gorgeous boy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, strong, fit, toned... But it's hard to think he would like me. It's like a chase, I try so hard to make him notice me... But that's not what I should do. This video was eye opening. Really, it was. This is one of those videos that ...


Seventeen's Hot Guy Panel dishes on how to snag your crush!


Understanding how to get a guy to like you can't get any easier than these truthful tips on how to get a guy. Find out the real truth.