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How to Shrink a Cotton T-Shirt
How to Shrink a Cotton T-Shirt. You've just found the perfect cotton T shirt, the shirt that perfectly expresses your unique personality, your strong political opinions or your zany sense of humor. Maybe it's a souvenir of a memorable rock concert or a... More »
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How to Shrink a Cotton T Shirt. If the t-shirt you got at an event or the cool shirt you brought home with you are too large, don't despair! Cotton fabric shrinks, so ...


Most cotton shirts, not pre-shrunk, will only shrink about 20% from its original size . The best way to shrink a shirt, is the old fashioned way, to wash it incorrectly.


We give a step-by-step guide to shrinking that oversized shirt so that it fits properly. It's easy to shrink a 100% cotton t-shirt without breaking a sweat.

Jan 26, 2012 ... Shrinking a shirt requires boiling water over the stove, pouring the hot water over the garment in a bowl, letting the clothes soak in the hot water ...


Cotton is a durable fabric that is widely used for making clothes. Cotton can shrink under the right conditions, so if you have a cotton shirt that is a...


As you may already know, natural fibers like cotton love to tighten and shrink, so if your shirt is 100% cotton and hasn't been washed yet, you should be able to ...


Let's take a look at some ways to shrink clothing. Note: For cotton, wool and polyester, if the process doesn't shrink the garment enough, follow the directions for ...


If the t shirt is made of pre shrunk cotton there isn't much you can do. But washing it in hot water, as hot as you can get it, and drying it on hot is the best way to ...


How to Shrink a Polyester Cotton Blend T-Shirt. Shrinking a pure cotton T-shirt is relatively easy. It seems that after each wash the shirt will get smaller and.